– Follow the strategies of other traders in a decentralized way

Discover, a platform for monitoring the operations of the best traders in a decentralized manner. is notably accompanied by DEXE, its governance token giving many advantages to its holders.

What is

The project , or Corona Millionaire, is presented as a decentralized “social trading” platform designed to follow the strategies of the best traders . This platform provides a complete copy trading tool in the decentralized finance (DeFi) environment.

To do this, any user must connect to a wallet for which he holds the private key, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet (therefore excluding those of centralized platforms). Then he can choose a trader or a group of trader based on their performance and subscribe to it.

Once a trader is followed, copies their trades according to the parameters predefined by the user himself. For example, the user can request that a manual confirmation be requested before each operation.

For traders wishing to share their operations, all they need to do is install a specific plugin on their browser and then establish a connection between an exchange and . After that, they can set the desired payout option for those copying their trades either a fixed payout or a percentage of the profit made.

When it is launched, the ecosystem will already be quite complete, with the support of the main decentralized exchanges like Uniswap , DeFi protocols such as Balancer and Curve, then protocol aggregators like 1inch .

Major centralized exchanges can also be connected to, including Huobi Global , Binance , OKEx , Bittrex or even Bitfinex .

The DEXE token and its use cases

To ensure the decentralization of its ecosystem, adopts a governance token, the DEXE . The holders of this ERC-20 token will play a role in the future development of the platform, in particular by proposing potential modifications and by approving them or not by a vote.

When a user makes a profit, the protocol’s smart contract will automatically deduct a commission from their income. A portion will be charged to traders for providing the copy trading tool and managing their portfolio.

The second part of the commission will be split, of which 50% will be redeemed and burned by, and 50% will be divided among the holders of DEX tokens .

L’ICO by

For the launch of the platform, is therefore organizing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) dedicated to the DEXE token . The total token supply is set at 100 million units and 5 million DEXE will be distributed during the ICO.

The sale begins September 28 and will last 22 days , each day corresponding to one round of the ICO. Indeed, a certain quantity of DEXE tokens will be available for purchase on a daily basis. On the first day, the largest number of tokens will be sold, i.e. 1 million DEXE (20% of the entire ICO).