A survey carried out by Bitcoin’s Portal shows that 53 politicians amount to R$ 2,692,832.77

Candidates for mayor, deputy mayor and councilman of 51 cities in the country declared having bitcoin and other cryptomoedas to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). The survey conducted by Bitcoin’s website shows that 53 politicians total R$2,692,832.77 (US$2,782,832.77) in assets. The highest individual value is R$300,000.

Most of them are candidates for municipal councils. The state of São Paulo is the one that concentrates most of the declarants: 15.

The division of parties is larger. The PSDB has five candidates who invest in Bitcoin Evolution, followed by NOVO, with four. There are no candidates from PCO, PSTU, PSC, PCB, DC, PMN, PMB, PC do B, SOLIDARITY and UP with information of the type to TSE. The figures computed by politicians in general are out of date.

Few have declared which cryptomeda they have or how much they have. In the case of Roberto da Silva Sales, candidate for mayor of São Gonçalo (RJ) by the PSD, are 5.33267 bitcoins declared by those indicated to be worth R$ 190,349.79 – well below the current market value.

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Without describing which cryptomeda has been purchased, PSDB candidate Daniel Annenberg for re-election to São Paulo has R$300,000.

Angelo Dante Lourenção, of the PSDB in Itupeva (São Paulo), who is running for alderman, said he has 3,6045 bitcoins, which he says is a total of R$52,500. The figure is lower than the currency is worth today (about R$62,000 per unit), but the candidate may be referring to the amount for which the asset was purchased.

The TSE does not have a precise orientation on how an asset (vehicle, property, financial investments) should be described.

The candidate for alderman Felipe Esposito Cordeiro, of the PDT of Santa Cruz do Sul (SP) informed the TSE to have 0.00704154 BTC (R$ 385) and 0.3712339 BCH (R$ 44). Frederico Procópio Mendes, who fights for a spot in the Petrópolis Chamber (RJ), declared R$ 616.04 in Ripple.

Luciene Kazumi Ueti, who wants to be a councilwoman in Jacareí (SP) for the PSDB, accumulates R$1,000 (US$1,000) in WIBX.

The candidate with the least bitcoin is Pedro Jácome de Freitas, who is running for the Recife (PE) legislature, with just R$0.55.

Data per position
The candidate for mayor with the most cryptomorphs in his portfolio is Bayard Freitas Umbuzeiro Filho, who is competing in Santos (SP) for the PTB. The entrepreneur has the equivalent of R$ 209,189.73.

Only two candidates for deputy mayor have investments in the category. Marlos Pereira Batista, of the PSOL of Santa Maria da Vitória (BA), has declared R$ 3,200. Felipe Augusto Klaus, a candidate for the PSB in Lajeado (RS), has R$ 21,000, according to public data made available by TSE.

The councilmen concentrate most of the politicians who hold cryptomorphs, although the information is not always clear.

Benedito Inácio Bueno Rosa, of Podemos de São Carlos (SP), made at least 19 separate purchases of bitcoin between September 12 and December 10 last year, totaling R$55,382.90 (US$35,382.90).

The only exception in the consultations that the report made is Neirlene dos Santos Silva Reimann, of Cidadania de Porto Velho (RO), who counted the cryptomoedas with the current account, savings and application without detailing the values separately. All added up, she has R$ 548,557.

Strange currencies
One case draws attention. The candidate for councilman in Vinhedo (SP), Luis Gustavo Sauerbronn, from Podemos, declared to have 141,618600090 cryptomoedas TEEP/TPK, with a value of R$ 820 that will hardly be seen again.

This is because the Bitcoin Portal showed that the currency created by Genbit has become a headache for employees and customers, since TPK has no market value – and the announced arrival at the shops never happened. The company is being investigated by the Sao Paulo Public Prosecutor’s Office.

A scam coin is when a company creates a pyramid of cryptomorphs, promising revenues higher than market averages. When the pyramid „collapses“, the debt to customers is transformed into a worthless cryptomeda that is not accepted anywhere.

Gilson Schuck, of the PT of Guaraciaba (SC), who is competing for a seat as a councilman, says he has R$269.97 in bitcoins in the BitcoinTrade brokerage house.

Finally, Evandro Gonçalves Pontes, of MDB in Adrianópolis (PR) has 15 units of BTC stopped in a lawsuit in Curitiba (PR).